Same Same, But Different!

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The World of media is very dynamic, engaging, and constantly evolving, ever changing. How can businesses keep up and thrive? Like our peers and colleagues in the industry, Gecko Worldwide too does basic PR duties but there are few things that make us different from others.

The very recent episode of a leading Bollywood superstar’s conviction in a long pending case heavily affected one of our clients, as he is their brand ambassador. Gecko Worldwide’s crisis management team immediately sprung into action. Consulting the client on all legal aspects of the judgement, facilitating all the required legal orders, assisting the client to decide their approach and stance on the subject, connecting with media and the client to ease communication during the crisis. The entire crisis communication exercise ensured that the negative effect of the judgement (on the brand) is neutralized.

Gecko Worldwide is one of the leading 360 degree solutions communication agency. Our company offers strategic counsel in the fields of Luxury, Lifestyle and Corporate including verticals of Jewellery, Fashion Wellness, Hospitality and Education. We has capabilities to conceptualize and execute various scope of services like Social Media Marketing, Creative marketing collateral development (websites, brochures, banners, hoardings etc.), Facilitating Live Web casting, Events and Conference Management, Media Relations, Product Launch Strategic Support and Strategic Brand management.

How are we different?

1) Spirit of entrepreneurship: We demonstrate a true passion for building the goodwill of our clients or the brand from nothing. We keep ourselves optimistic about the things that look impossible for others at once. We are willing to push ourselves to achieve our goals.

2) Never Let Go: At Gecko Worldwide we focus heavily on milking every opportunity available in the media space for our clientele.

3) Expert in Lifestyle brands: We are subject matter experts in PR for lifestyle brands because we have our ears to the ground and we know the pulse of the market. Our media relations are extremely strong and we enjoy being in the know of upcoming trends in the industry

4) A Dynamic team: Gecko Worldwide is a young agency with an average team age of below 30. Our team members define the unique characteristics of geckos to be able to adapt to changing environments and dynamic situations that are thrown at us on a day to day basis in this ever moving market

5) Liberated environment: The environment at Gecko Worldwide is quite light which assists in performing at optimum levels.

6) Crisis Communication: We put across disciplined client agency team in place to conduct vulnerability analysis to develop a crisis communications manual, holding statements, media advisory, editor letters etc. Our media intelligence renders us vigilant to be on top of the situation 24×7, which helps us in media management to control negative reporting. Thorough analysis is done to understand the reasons, evaluate handling of crisis and prepare for the future.

To further add, the company is very process driven and it allows us to focus on ensuring maximum mileage for all our clients. At Gecko we believe in optimum utilization of available resources. Hence we have the agility to be dynamic and flexible at the all points of time.

Going forward our focus is to absorb more and more clients by unlocking potential within the organisation and ensuring that we are upto speed with technological innovations in our industry.

At Gecko Worldwide we believe in a very old quote said by William Butler Yeats “Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.” Hence, from this day forth, all our articles/listicles will be about how communications can play a better role to ensure businesses of all sizes and scales can keep up and thrive in this ever changing media and marketing world.


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